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For our clients, De Francesca Law Office values the following:
  1. Specialization: De Francesca Law Office provides specialization in real estate and mortgage law. Specialization is the only way to effectively practice law in today's fast paced and competitive environment.

    Paul De Francesca, before practicing law, was a professional urban planner with the City of Toronto and the Town of Markham. Paul also represents a number of developers as part of his law practice. This specialization gives Paul a leading edge in the intricate nature of land development law. Land development is a unique area of the law which requires your lawyer to be fully familiar with the land development process in Ontario and the specific municipality.

    In terms of lending law, De Francesca Law Office has devoted much of its core practice to serving mortgage brokers and lenders. This specialization allows funds to be advanced timely and without incident so that we in no way damage the relationship between our client and that of the borrower/lender, and, if applicable, mortgage or real estate broker.

  2. Low-Cost Fee Structure: The fee structure at De Francesca Law Office provides a tremendous value to our clients . Large and mid-sized general practice law firm billing rates continue to increase. These high rates do not ensure your interests will be handled personally by the most experienced lawyer at the firm. Further, the experienced lawyer you expect to work with may not be the lawyer handling your work. The billing rates at De Francesca Law Office are designed to aggressively compete with the ever increasing fees charged by small to mid-sized general practice law firms, but, provide the peace of mind that you will be represented by an experienced real estate lawyer in all your dealings.

  3. Responsiveness: De Francesca Law Office provides a prompt and timely response for all our clients. In today's market, transactions have a quick turn around time. Therefore, our clients need a prompt response to their queries and concerns. De Francesca law office prides themselves in returning all telephone calls and emails the same day. All communication with opposite party lawyers are dealt with promptly and sufficiently in advance of the closing date. Also, De Francesca Law office ensures final reports are provided to the client within thirty days of closing.

  4. “Deal Making” Culture: Networking is the key to business success. Any opportunity to network with lending,
    mortgage brokerage, realtor and other professionals that will help our clients is always pursued.

  5. High Quality Work: De Francesca Law Office never loses sight of the need to provide the highest quality work product. One way high quality work is provided to our clients is via a weekly review of all files. Paul De Francesca personally meets with all staff to review each file to ensure that all transactions are proceeding to close on time and without unnecessary delay. De Francesca Law Office believes that it manages its files in an effective, responsive and aggressive manner always keeping clients informed and current.